Desktop Application

4Fimo® desktop application should be downloaded and installed on your target computer. It allows your computer to communicate with portal and the mobile apps, in addition to many features and settings you control.

You can't initiate send, fetch or share files using the desktop application, and it must be running in order for your computer to be accessed from external devices.

Using 4Fimo® mobile apps or portal, you may share a file directly to a member's device/phone or member's remote computer without having your desktop application running, however, member's desktop application must be running.

Main Features


List of received files from remote devices & members into local computer.

My List

List of local files on your computer, ready to be accessed from your remote devices only.


Externally Accessible Folders

List of folders that are attached to the search feature & 4Fimo® explorer. You must add folders in order for search & explorer features to work, the list is empty by default.

From Members

View and search received files from members. You may use any keyword in the search box.

Files Routing Rules

Allows user to setup rules to where incoming files are extracted based on file name, send title, sender username and specific files content (ms word, ms excel, ms powerpoint, pdf, txt, dat, html). Rules, on matching multiple fields, can be set as "and" or "or" condition for the match pattern. Default condition is "and". You may read more about desktop application rules

Auto Settings

Settings to allow auto signing in, auto export of incoming files into a specific folder -fimolnboxfiles- by default under home directory- and a setting to delete incoming files after export from within the 4Fimo® application. There are also an option to mute sounds notifications for sending, receiving and search actions.

Deleting received files after export into a local folder frees memory from your computer, so it is highly recommended to keep the received list clean by exporting files into a local folder.


In order to be able to fetch files (my list files & search files & explorer) via external devices, you must set a 6 digits passcode.

Software Activities

Status screen shows different activities and work being executed.

Tutorial & Info

Link to information regarding setup and desktop application -how to- and details.

Software Tips

Tips & announcements button


Top right buttons in the application contains buttons to close the application and a button to lock the application while it keeps running in the background.
Also a wifi icon indicates network connection status, icon's color is green when network and application are connected.