How it works

4Fimo® allows you to securely and directly send, fetch and share files back and forth using an internet connection and without needing a cable or the cloud from anywhere away from your personal computer.

Files live only on your devices and not stored or copied anywhere else, all communications are real-time.

Easy To Setup By Following Below Steps

Sign Up

Sign up for a Free account & activate it using an activation email we send you.

Sign In

Sign in to your account, then download & install 4Fimo® desktop application on your computer.

Sign Into Desktop App

Sign into the desktop application on your computer using the same credentials you used to register on 4Fimo® site.

Accessible Folders

In the 4Fimo® desktop application running on your computer, click on passcode and create a 6 digits passcode; you will need this in order to search and import files from your computer to an external device. in addition, you must add under settings, folders to be accessed remotely, by default no system folders are accessible to your remote devices. you can read more about the Desktop Application

Phone & Web Enabled

Using your phone or web enabled devices, start sending, receiving and sharing files using or 4Fimo® mobile apps.